STORY is a program that utilizes our garden boards to engage visitors in the gardens around the Center. We partner each season with five organizations to amplify under-represented voices on a variety of topics. During these program weeks, walking through the gardens will be an enlightening experience as STORY guides you, sharing thought-provoking perspectives and surprising subjects.

Launched in May 2021, STORY partners Sunnylands with community groups and nonprofits to amplify underrepresented voices. Since opening, the gardens have provided an inviting space for us to engage our visitors, and we’ve shared many Sunnylands stories and projects here. During the coronavirus pandemic it was evident that all groups did not have safe spaces to do this. STORY was conceived in response to this need, and we look forward to sharing many more stories in the gardens.

Watch for our partners’ versions of STORY on garden boards temporarily displayed in the gardens each season.

For more information on how to participate contact

Past Events

Health Equity Series

DAP Health’s audio and video storytelling project focused on health equity.  From May 12-May 30, guests were able to use their mobile phones to scan colorful story boards with QR codes in the gardens to hear DAP experts talk about equality of access to healthcare and how shame can sometimes act as a barrier to obtaining proper medical attention. PDF’s of the boards, with links to the audio and video files, are now downloadable here.