Visiting Sunnylands

Plan Ahead

Sunnylands Center & Gardens is open Wednesday through Sunday, 8:30 am-4 pm (closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day).

Sunnylands is in a desert environment, home to a variety of plants and wildlife. While you are here, be aware of your surroundings, watch your step, and help children explore safely. Visitors are encouraged to be prepared with water, hat, and sunscreen.

Throughout the season, guests are welcome to stroll the gardens, relax on benches, or listen to prerecorded audio for a self-guided walk of the gardens (on personal mobile devices).

For details on historic estate tours for the 2021-2022 season, click here.

Sunnylands is a smoke-free environment. Pets are not allowed. For further information, please visit our page of FAQs.

Code of Conduct

  • Stay home if you’re experiencing signs of illness, such as fever or flu-like symptoms.
  • Wear a face covering indoors regardless of your vaccination status.
  • Frequently wash or sanitize your hands.
  • Obey all posted signage, conditions for entry, and staff instructions.
  • Please be respectful toward our staff and other visitors at all times.

Safety Measures

Sunnylands will monitor attendance to make sure the Center & Gardens does not become overcrowded. Outdoor hand-sanitizing stations are available to guests. Frequently-touched objects, such as door handles, will be routinely disinfected.


Both the historic house and Sunnylands Center are on one level, with no stairs or changes in elevation. Parts of the gardens can be accessed easily in a wheelchair. Some garden paths contain uneven surfaces.


Lockers are available free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis.


Parking is free. Carpooling is encouraged. Charging stations are available.

Pets & Service Dogs

Pets are not allowed at Sunnylands. State and federal laws require the admittance of dogs that are trained to provide a service to disabled guests. Emotional support animals are not covered under the law. You will be asked if your dog is a service animal and what service it provides. Service dog owners must keep their animals restrained and controlled. Pet water fountains are not provided. Under California law, it is illegal to endanger the health of an animal by leaving it in a car unattended.


Visitors are welcome to take photos and videos of Sunnylands Center & Gardens and when touring the estate’s grounds for their personal use. However, staged photos (wedding, engagement, graduation, school teams, etc.) are not allowed as it disturbs other guests. Violation of this policy may result in your being asked to leave the premises.

Tripods are not allowed inside the Center, within 15 feet of the outdoor café seating area, or in vehicle pathways to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all guests.

Photography is not permitted in the historic house. This no-photo policy is in place to enhance the visitor experience and to ensure guests look closely at and thoroughly enjoy Sunnylands’ art, architecture, design, and sculpture.

Commercial photography and videography require special permission, as does aerial photography, including the use of drones. The personal or commercial sale of photos of Sunnylands is strictly prohibited.


While guests are invited to picnic at Sunnylands, large coolers, ice chests, grills, and alcohol are not permitted. Picnics are limited to a maximum of 10 people. Café tables are reserved for patrons.


Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the Sunnylands property.

Smoking & Vaping

Sunnylands is a non-smoking facility. Smoking and vaping are strictly prohibited.