Earthquake Safety

ShakeOut, a day of earthquake preparedness education, is held every year on the third Thursday in October. Sunnylands is dedicated to sharing earthquake preparedness information with the public. With these resources, you can hold your ShakeOut drill when and where you want.

Sunnylands Shakeout Resources

Recursos de Sunnylands para Shakeout

Get ready to ShakeOut!

Sunnylands and participating organizations spread awareness about the science of earthquakes, earthquake safety, and preparation.

All guests and staff will participate in an earthquake drill at 10:20 am. This drill will interrupt ALL Sunnylands activities for about 15 minutes.

Participating organizations include:

Lincoln Elementary Students—Will visit other participants and play an earthquake preparedness game on the Great Lawn.

Palm Desert High School Medical Students—Will practice triage procedures and talk to the public about their program.

Rancho Mirage High School Culinary Program—Students will present an emergency food plan they created, which includes a menu, shopping list, and storage safety for 10 days.

Animal Samaritans—Will talk to the public about how to prepare for an earthquake if you have pets (

Rancho Mirage Emergency Preparedness Commission—Will share information regarding their emergency response program.

Rocket Rules—Teaches emergency and safety information to children, ages three to nine, in a relatable and memorable way. (

For more information regarding earthquake safety, please follow the links:
Coachella Valley Water District – Will present information on emergency preparedness, drinking water and boil order notices.

Families are encouraged to participate. Programming is appropriate for homeschoolers. For more information, please contact the education department at 760.202.2251 or