Janice Lyle

Director of Sunnylands Center & Gardens since 2008, Janice Lyle oversaw the restoration of the historic Annenberg estate, construction of the public Center & Gardens, and building of the Sunnylands administrative campus. She manages a professional team responsible for the preservation, interpretation, and public aspects of Sunnylands.

Prior to joining Sunnylands, Janice was the executive director of what is now the Palm Springs Art Museum from 1994 to 2007 and director of public programs for the previous 10 years. She is the author of Sunnylands: America’s Midcentury Masterpiece (Vendome), and has written numerous articles, including about her experience living in one of Palm Springs’ most famous residences—Frey House II. She has lectured extensively on modern architecture, preservation, and museum topics; and has served on numerous nonprofit boards, including as president of the California Association of Museums. Janice received her master of arts and her PhD in art history from the University of California, Santa Barbara.