My Sunnylands: A Community Photo Show

In 2019, Sunnylands invited members of the public to share their original photographs that reflected their experiences at Sunnylands Center & Gardens. Whether they were inspired by Sunnylands’ architecture, history, landscape, and even our garden inhabitants, we received dozens of entries on Instagram @Sunnylands using the hashtag #slphotoshow.

A variety of photographs were selected for a special pop-up exhibition originally intended to show in the gardens in May 2020, but due to COVID-19 mandates issued by state and local officials, Sunnylands took the “safer at home” approach and decided to celebrate these photographs online.

Please enjoy the online gallery of selected photographs below.

Dance of the Barrel Cactus by Delphine Bordas @delphinebphotography
“Dance with us!” say the swirling barrel cacti to the Palo Verde tree.

Purple Agave Infinity photo by Delphine Bordas @delphinebphotography
“A magical garden with purple agaves, let your mind wander and dream.”

Hummingbird on Agave by Alena Callimanis
The hummingbird is waiting for the insects to come back out after a rare desert rain.

Woodpecker by Dean Campbell

Arielle and Grammy Take a Stroll by Ashley Dilligard Photography @ashleydilligardphotography

Wavin’ Babe by Ashley Dilligard Photography @ashleydilligardphotography

Reflecting at Sunnylands by Jay Heifetz @jayheifetz

Sunnylands 1 by Lisa Kaplowitz @lisa.kaplowitz

Sunnylands 2 by Lisa Kaplowitz @lisa.kaplowitz

Mesquite Tree and Agave by Lisa Melamed
The power of trees speak to our souls, integrating what is above and below.

A Sunny Little Glow by Jolene Oesterblad

The Days of the Beautiful Palo Verde Blooms by Jolene Oesterblad

Untitled 1 by Debbie Pickett @pickettdebbie

Untitled 2 by Debbie Pickett @pickettdebbie

Trellis Shadows by Alison Sargent @alibythesea

Many by Café Tables by Erin Seiler @Erinkathleen22

Copycat by The Vision Collective @thevisionco
Monkey see, monkey do. As I held up my camera to take her photo, she decided to take my photo with her imaginary camera as well.

A special thank you to all who participated in this community photo show.

All rights reserved. Photographers retain all rights to their photographs. Photographs may not be reproduced in any way, unless with explicit permission from the photographer.