Historic Walk

Wednesday — Sunday

Tickets for the Historic Walk are $26 per person plus a service fee.

This tour is offered from November through April and follows a guide on a leisurely stroll onto the historic estate and directly around the historic house, offering views special to Walter and Leonore Annenberg and their friends and family. Guides will share personal stories of the Annenbergs and their visitors, information on the building’s midcentury modern architecture and interior design, and the history of the estate as a private residence and a high-level retreat center.

Please anticipate walking a mile in an hour’s time. All guests must be at least 10 years old. We request that all cell phones be silenced during the walk. Note: This tour does not allow inside access to the historic house.

Inclement weather or retreats on the estate may cause the suspension of this tour on some days. Purchase same-day tickets at the Center & Gardens. Tickets sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Guests may check ticket availability at the reception desk.