Tour Guide Internship

Sunnylands Center & Gardens is now hiring tour guide interns for the 2023–2024 season, with a start date of Monday, July 31, 2023. We’re looking for enthusiastic, friendly, and dependable college and university students who are dedicated to learning and giving back to the community.

This is a paid, part-time seasonal position in Rancho Mirage, California, with internship credit opportunities from participating colleges, universities, and majors. Tour guides are responsible for advancing the educational mission of The Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands by providing a welcoming experience at the Center & Gardens, historic house, and grounds through guided tours. As a tour guide, students will be able to gain work experience in a beautiful environment that incorporates art, architecture, history, hospitality, golf course operations, and environmental sustainability.

Applicants will be required to participate in our paid, five-week training program, and have the ability to work a flexible part-time schedule (up to 24 hours) each week. To view the full job description and apply for Tour Guide I, click here. The deadline to apply for the 2023-24 season is June 1, 2023.

The Sunnylands tour guide internship program is designed specifically for college and university students looking to polish their communication, hospitality, and presentation skills while gaining real-world work experience. This is accomplished through a three-year advancement program that combines training, work experience, and professional and personal development.

Year 1—Tour Guide I


  • Five-week immersive training (July 31-Sept. 1; Monday-Thursday; 9 am-4 pm)
  • Provide a variety of educational tours to the public
  • Reception desk duties
  • Assist public programs
  • Other duties as assigned by the Center Director

To view the full job description and apply, click here.

Professional & Personal Development Benefits 

  • Individual and team style assessments
  • Fun and educational meet-up opportunities
  • Limited free access to ticketed programs
  • Access to interdepartmental summer internship opportunities

Year 2—Tour Guide II*


  • Tour Guide I responsibilities (pre-season review in lieu of training)
  • Focus training: survey/evaluation training
  • In-season interdepartmental internships
  • Mentoring Tour Guide I

Professional & Personal Development Benefits

  • Tour Guide I developmental benefits
  • Individual strengths assessments
  • Involvement in with public programs and exhibitions
  • Mentoring meetings with Sunnylands staff based on student’s career goals

Year 3—Tour Guide III**


  • Tour Guide I & II duties (pre-season review in lieu of training)
  • Leadership positions at the reception desk
  • Assist in public program planning and design
  • Mentoring Tour Guides I & II

Professional and Personal Development Benefits

  • Tour Guide I & II developmental benefits
  • Deep focus on professional development, highlighting individual style, strengths, and career goals
  • Q&A with Director of Human Resources for career advice
  • Q&A with other area professionals aligning with student’s career goals
  • Resume and professional bio workshop***
  • Meeting with style coach
  • Professional headshots***
  • Reference letter***

*The position of Tour Guide II becomes available to those who have completed Tour Guide I
**The position of Tour Guide III becomes available to those who have completed Tour Guide I & II
***Tour guides who complete their third year will receive a professional packet with headshots, resume, bio, and reference letter.

Please enjoy a brief video on Sunnylands’ Tour Guide Internship Program, which highlights the experience of guides and staff.

Sunnylands Tour Guide Internship