Art Workshop: Be a botanist-explorer!

Rancho Mirage, California
Past Event

Start that nature journal you've been thinking about. Follow in the footsteps of botanist-explorers and learn how to observe and document plants through drawing. Learn about the history of botanical illustration and the fascinating world of plants in this two-hour interactive session. You will also learn how to turn quick, loose sketches into informative illustrations for your new journal.
Materials: Participants are invited to bring their own. Sketchbooks should not be larger than 9” x 12”. Alternatively, a clipboard with printer paper will work too. Pencils will be provided. Folding stool or camping stool to use in the garden suggested, but not necessary.

Instructor: Tania Marien is the founding editor of The Southern California Botanical Artist, the first newsletter of the Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California, and the founding editor of Artists’ Botany as well as the website Art Plantae. She has a Master’s degree in Biology & Student Learning and a professional certificate in Free choice learning. She has introduced the public to plants and botanical art at environmental education events, botanical gardens, museums, and science programs to encourage an interest in plants through art, science and interpretation.