Distinctive Features

The setting and details of a Sunnylands retreat create an atmosphere for reflection and collaboration. The advantages include: 

  • Privacy and confidentiality; participants know they can speak freely.
  • A neutral space: Meetings are nonpartisan or bipartisan.
  • Intimate size: Retreats are intentionally small, with 18 or fewer participants carefully selected for their diverse talents and perspectives.
  • The Sunnylands Process: Agendas include time to assess progress and adjust the agenda, if needed, to develop an idea or dig deep into a threshold issue.
  • A cultural component and planned recreational activity: Every convening builds in time for relaxation, recreation, and incorporating the arts and humanities. We are committed to providing time to refresh the spirit, enjoy conversation outside of the meeting setting, and build bridges through joint enjoyment of the arts.
  • Gracious hospitality, collegiality, and civility: These constitute the Annenberg tradition and are the cornerstone of every Sunnylands retreat.