Jueves y sábado: Boletos: $39

Los jueves y sábado por la mañana entre los meses de noviembre y abril, observadores de aves locales guiarán un grupo de hasta siete visitantes a la propiedad histórica, donde especies de aves tales como el mosquero cardenalito son residentes durante todo el año y muchas otras especies residen durante las migraciones de primavera y otoño.

Jueves y sábado, 8:45am

Boletos: $39 por persona (La venta de boletos comienza el día 15 de cada mes para los recorridos del mes siguiente.)

Los recorridos pueden ser cancelados debido a inclemencias del tiempo o por retiros en la propiedad. Para verificar la disponibilidad de los boletos y para comprarlos, presione aquí.

Los recorridos tienen una duración de 90 minutos y no incluyen acceso a la casa histórica. Todos los niveles de experiencia de observación de aves son bienvenidos. Los observadores de aves son bienvenidos a traer binoculares, visores y cámaras. Tenga en cuenta: El recorrido se realiza en transporte; sin embargo, es necesario caminar un poco.


To complement the grand entertaining that took place at Sunnylands, there is an extravagant collection of fine English and American silver; a variety of luxurious china patterns, including a Flora Danica service for 38; two patterns of Georg Jensen flatware; Baccarrat stemware; finely embroidered Léron Linens; color-themed guest suite serviceware; and exquisite table decorations fit for entertaining a queen, president, or prime minister.

Walter and Leonore Annenberg were prolific collectors of fine and decorative art. They consistently sought best-in-class examples across their broad areas of interest.  The interior design at Sunnylands reveals a joyful interplay of their carefully chosen masterworks and tabletop bibelots. They not only collected together, they thoughtfully placed each work of art until they were satisfied that they had found the perfect location for each.

Fine artworks on view at Sunnylands Center & Gardens and in the historic home include works by Auguste Rodin, Jean Arp, Yaacov Agam, Pablo Picasso, Etienne Hajdu, and Alberto Giacometti.

Decorative objects include works by Tiffany & Co., Lalique, Meissen Porcelain, Boucheron, Boehm Porcelain, and Steuben glass. Assembling an important Chinese ceramic, stone, and metalwork collection was among their favorite collecting activates. These works span the Tang dynasty to the Republic of China era and include cloisonné figures and furniture, sancai-glazed funerary figures, jade and jadeite figures, and export porcelain. Other tabletop objects include selections of Georg Jensen tableware and royal pedigree English silver-gilt.

They also dotted their 200 acres of lush grounds with a variety of compelling monuments inspired by their travels, including a totem pole by renowned Kwakiutl carver Henry Hunt; a bronze fountain by the Chávez Morado brothers inspired by the one on view at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City; and an abstract avian sculpture by Canadian artist Art Price, Birds of Welcome.

Walter and Leonore Annenberg understood fully the importance of retaining records for posterity. Although they couldn’t have known the extent to which Sunnylands, completed in 1966, would become a significant historic site, they saved every piece of ephemera related to the estate, which resulted in a remarkable record of one of America’s most important homes. The Sunnylands Archives contains tens of thousands of objects, documents, books, and photographs that reveal the significant social history of Sunnylands, including visits from U.S. presidents, foreign dignitaries, and royalty.