U.S.-Australia Dialogue on Economic Engagement in the Indo-Pacific

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Strengthening the United States’ relationship with its allies and partners in the Indo-Pacific region has increasingly become a priority in managing its intensifying competition with China. In particular, Australia has become a key component of the United States’ Indo-Pacific strategy. The United States and Australia are vital allies and partners, with an historic friendship that dates back over a century based on shared democratic values and a strong economic and security relationship. Complex factors such as supply chain disruptions, advancements in next generation technologies, climate change, and other geopolitical dynamics have created a context conducive to greater U.S.-Australian economic cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region. There currently exists an opportunity for policymakers and experts from both the United States and Australia to help shape the trajectory of regional economic engagement and enhance U.S.-Australian cooperation.

Participants of the U.S. -Australia retreat listen to the dialogue.

Participants in the retreat on U.S.-Australia economics in the Indo-Pacific region take notes and listen to the discussion. From left to right are Renee Bowen, professor and Pastor Faculty Fellow at UC San Diego; Mark Lambert, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State; and Geoffrey Garrett, dean of the USC Marshall School of Business.

From February 9-11, 2023, Sunnylands partnered with the UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations to host the U.S.-Australia Dialogue on Economic Engagement in the Indo-Pacific. Sunnylands convened government officials, think tank scholars, and business leaders from the United States and Australia to discuss ways that both countries can help shape a new economic framework for the region. Over substantive sessions on supply chain diversification, digital economy agreements, and investing in green technology, the participants developed concrete recommendations for leaders from both countries to increase trade, investment, standard setting and other cooperation, with the ultimate goal of a more peaceful and prosperous Indo-Pacific region.