Sunnylands joins 24-hour livestream for World Food Day

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

In honor of World Food Day on October 16, Sunnylands joined the United Nations and over two dozen other global organizations to host Voices of Food Systems Live, a 24-hour global livestream marathon that focused on ways to end hunger and malnutrition by transforming how the world produces, consumes, and thinks about food.

Voices featured experts, celebrities, and everyday citizens from around the world in a range of virtual formats, all joining a global discussion on promoting a transformation of the world’s food systems.

In addition to hosting the 12 pm – 4 pm Pacific Time leg of the livestream, Sunnylands was honored to be asked to curate a one-hour session that ran from 3 pm – 4 pm Pacific.

This session, titled Revolutionary Recipes: The Chefs and Farmers Driving Change to our Food Systems, focused on how chefs and restaurants are the new leaders for fighting global hunger and malnutrition, and are key drivers of efforts to transform our food systems to be more healthy, nutritious, sustainable, just, and delicious.

Revolutionary Recipes highlighted a range of inspiring figures from the culinary world who shared their stories for fighting hunger and malnutrition.

Among them were American celebrity chefs Andrew Zimmern and Mary Sue Milliken; California-based filmmakers David Gelb, director of the acclaimed Jiro Dreams of Sushi and creator of Netflix’s Chef’s Table, and John Chester, star and creator of the Netflix documentary The Biggest Little Farm; and renowned restaurant owner Massimo Bottura. Mitchell Davis, chief strategy officer of the James Beard Foundation, moderated the session.

The entire livestream can be viewed here,  and the Sunnylands-curated segment can be viewed in the video embedded below.

If interested, you can sign up to be a UN food systems hero here.

Sunnylands segment: Voices of Food Systems 24-Hour Global Relay Conversation