Sunnylands Institutes Green Vision Program

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands is committed to environmental sensitivity. The new Sunnylands Center, designed by Frederick Fisher & Partners, architects, received a LEED Gold rating. Sunnylands Center is a contemporary building inspired by Midcentury Modern architecture with an emphasis on sustainability. As part of this commitment, Sunnylands developed a Green Vision Program adhering to the following green vision statement:

Environmental responsibility is a core value of The Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands. Embracing creative and innovative solutions is central to the Sunnylands culture. We strive to be a leader in implementing sustainable practices to meet our current needs without compromising the environment for future generations. Sharing our environmental experiences with the public broadens the impact of our actions.

To be sensitive to the environment, the architects and designers incorporated into Sunnylands Center & Gardens the following:
• 864 individual solar collectors provide most of the electricity for the Center & Gardens
• 96 geothermal wells supply heat and air conditioning to the Center
• Desert natives and arid-landscape plants in the Gardens reduce water use
• 60 acres of tall grasses and mulch replace turf on the 200-acre estate
• Approximately 1,000 yards of green-waste is composted annually for reuse on site
• Clearly visible receptacles are available for depositing plastics, paper, cardboard, and glass for recycling
• Individual head control irrigation and an on-site weather station reduce water and power use
• At the Center, the KISSS tm irrigation system brings water to the root-zone, reducing evaporation
• Retention basins catch water runoff and gray-water pipes have been installed in anticipation of a future city-wide gray water program
• Pre- and post-consumer recycled materials and regional sources were used whenever possible
• Preferred parking is available for fuel-efficient and low-emitting vehicles as well as car and vanpools and electric shuttles transport guests throughout the facility
• An Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management Plan includes low-emitting materials and light pollution reduction was achieved through downward, low lumen lighting

A Green Vision Guide is available at Sunnylands Center and will be available at in the future.