The Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands

"We must not just exercise our rights in the personal sense, we must exercise our rights in the civics sense and that means to begin with a decent dialogue--a Sunnylands dialogue of excellence, rationality, and intelligence." 
Justice Anthony M. Kennedy 
United States Supreme Court

Our Mission

To address important issues facing the nation and the world and to serve as a sanctuary for high-level national and world leaders seeking the privacy needed for solving the most pressing issues of the day.

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Retreat News

Retreats are always private but held to address important issues for the common good. Sometimes results are reported on in the media.

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Retreats & Projects

Annenberg retreats are planned and implemented to seek a meaningful outcome and a distinctive contribution, taking advantage of Sunnylands’ location, history, and special qualities.

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Permitted Programs

The Annenbergs were explicit and prescient in their direction for the future use of Sunnylands, setting forth a range of permitted programs beginning with promoting world peace and international agreement.

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Our Standards

Retreats at Sunnylands have several distinctive features, among them respect for diverse opinions.

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