Yiming Shao

Professor Yiming Shao, MD, PhD, is the Chief Expert on AIDS in China CDC and director of Virology and Immunology Division of National AIDS/STD Center. He led national HIV molecular epidemiology survey and drug resistance surveillance, discovering the origin and spreads of HIV-1 clades, and mapping the HIV-1 drug resistance profile circulating in China. His team conducted the novel HIV vaccine research based on replicating vaccinia vector of the Chinese small pox vaccine and have concluded phase I and II clinical trials. The vaccines induced HIV specific antibody and T cell responses and are in preparation for Phase IIb trials, which will add gp145 trimer boost in collaboration with NIH.

He published over 700 research papers in English and Chinese journals and got several China’s National Science and Technology Awards. He served as chair and vice chair on Chinese Virology Society and Microbiology Association respectively. He also served on WHO’s Advisory Committees on Product Development for Vaccines and HIV Vaccine and is the Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology.